ACEerp is a powerful solution which allows us to easily capture, track, monitor and manage sales and accounts in our ever-expanding business. The software Ul is intuitive and easy to train staff on. We can strongly recommend ACEerp as a solution for any business as it is genuinely well designed, robust and well implemented, well supported, managed and extremely easy to use. ACEerp support personnel are always there to provide friendly efficient and custom made solutions to users’ requirements. We have experienced direct growth by partnering with Coral Soffwares Ltd over the last 24 years.

We “Neerava Hygiene” are using ACE from Coral Soff’wares Ltd since 2012. We upgraded to their ERP Version in 2020. The software is “very user friendly in most cases, offers a full package to fully run a small size business with great support of currencies and functionality across what a typical ERP system should perform. It is very well-organized software and it can accommodate very complex BOM. The development team really helps to accommodate the client’s request. The simplicity of the system and its availability on the cloud makes it a very competitive solution against bigger and well-known ERP systems.

We are very satisfied and happy to have ACEerp manage our operations. During our relationship, Coral Soff’wares Ltd has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side. The organization is very professional, talented and helpful in their work. I have no hesitation in recommending ACEerp to others.

ACEerp is an outstanding enterprise resource management software which perfectly fits our business requirements. It consists of all the features that any ERP should have. It is very helpful and a user friendly accounting software. Before using this software, our business had some accounting and data entry problems, but after using ACEerp software, accounting and inventory have become quite easy. This software is helping us to manage invokes, inventory, sales, purchase, daily expenses and the GST too. The software is best fitted for small and medium scale organization, like ours. All sections are easy to handle. Also, we receive excellent support from the team whenever needed. Our sincere wishes to ACEerp for great success in future.

ACEerp helps us manage large-scale operations, by handling complex business-critical events and providing our teams with data and insights to make we sure we are the making the most revenue from our inventory. ACEerp’s willingness to customize their product to our needs has helped us efficiently run our business.

ACEerp is flexible & intelligent software. It is best suited for start-ups & small to mid-size business. The software is a manufacturing company’s dream. We love so many things about this. It has got a beautiful interface, amazing support where developers can turn on a dime to implement features on request. It also does everything we want it to: track purchase orders, tell us intuitively when things are late, search items, assign serial numbers to items and customize fields and multi-level BOMs.