X-ise – India’s first and most comprehensive Excise Software.
X-ise, the Central Excise Software takes care of all the statutory registers and returns required under the Central Excise Rules.x-ise_panel
X-ise offers you comprehensive solution to maintain Central Excise records with option for simultaneous integration of the same with your accounting system.
X-ise has been kept updated with the fast changing excise laws of our country. We have successfully released timely updates/upgrades relating to following major changes in excise procedures:

  • Revised returns and record keeping subsequent to changes in Central Excise Rules in September, 2001
  • Introduction of multiple duties in textile industry (NCCD, etc.)
  • Introduction of new Registered Dealer’s Return (Form-2, April, 2003)
  • Introduction of new ER.1, ER.2 and ER.3 Return (October, 2003)
  • Introduction of new electronic filing of excise returns (June, 2004)
  • Introduction of Education Cess and Service Tax credit (July, 2004)

During pre and post-budget our qualified R&D panel and developers are on their toes to meet any eventualities of legal amendments.
A unique in-built Rule Book (X-Rule) helps us to take care of all excise related eventualities. X-Rule gives us the advantage of incorporating the frequent changes in Central Excise Rules with minimal down time.

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